* KENNEL-FREE BOARDING   (Based on availability)

           - In pet sitter’s home per day

         1 dog a day                                                   
         2 dogs a day                                                  
         Each additional dog                                      

       (15% discount for stays of four (4) weeks or more)
-Clients should provide pet food, their favorite treats, toys and bedding. Otherwise, a small
  Fee of $3.00 per day will be incurred.
-Boarding rates are calculated on 24-hrs schedule. Example: If you pet is dropped off at 10:00am
  Then your pick-up time would be 10:00am on the schedule date, with a one hour extension available.
  Therefore, if you pick up your pet after 11:00am there will be a $20 charge.


* IN PET HOME.    $40.00

-One or two 30 min visits.  (additional visit per day  $15)
 Your pet will stay at your house, stick to the usual routine and sleep in their usual spot. 30- min visit
 They’ll get fed, lots of love and more services also includes getting the mail, retrieving your newspaper,
 Watering plants, turning on/off lights etc.



   - All day personalized care and socialization @ Doggiemania 


    - At client's home. Stay is from 7:00 pm until 7:00 am the next morning

  * GROOMING  (All grooms include bath )

    - Call for more information and availability


                                            -20 to 80 dls Depending on size, weight and breed                                           
* NAIL CLIP/TRIM                                             $15

 * NAIL FILE  (dremel)                                  $20

 * PET TAXI (Round trip within 20 miles of Doggiemania)       $20


*  Additional $ 5 per day on each of the following days:
       - Easter Sunday    - Memorial Day     - July 4     -Labor Day
       - Thanksgiving Day (Thur/Fri.)     - Christmas Eve & Christmas Day   
       - New Year's Eve & New Year's Day.

* Current shot records must include:
     - Rabies     - DHLPP     -Bordatella (Kennel Cough)
     - Dog must currently be on prescription flea/tick prevention as well as heartworm prevention.

   - Hours of special attention , love, outdoor playtime and exercise are included thru their stay.
   - Our playgroups are small and safe, and all socialization is always supervised.
   - Medication (such as injections, eye drops and oral pills) will be administered.
   - We can also provide (Taste of the Wild) food upon request for $3.00 a day.
   - Note: All dogs over the age of six (6) months must be spayed or neutered
     unless they are registered and are currently being campaigned as show or field trial dogs.
   - Although we adore Pitties and Rotties, we cannot bring them to DOGGIEMANIA, but we will
     love and take care of them at their own home.

     -  We require a 48-hr advanced notice of cancellation for non-holiday day care, boarding and
         in-home pet sitting reservations, and a 72-hr advanced notice for cancellation of holiday
     -  Cancellations with less than the required advanced notice will be charge as follows:
         1/2 nights reserved or $75, whichever is less.
         If reservation was for one night then client must pay for that night.
      -  Reservations for Thanksgiving and Christmas require a $50.00 per dog
          non-refundable deposit.

    - 50% due at time of drop-off and remaining balance at time of pick-up.    - Payments: Check, Cash and Credit Cards  (Visa, MasterCard,Discover,American Express